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JOSEPH B. JACOBS, M.D., 345 East 37th St., Suite 308 New York, NY 10016

Dr. Joseph B. Jacobs' website will help you to learn more about the nose and sinuses as well as sinusitis. We will discuss how to diagnose sinusitis and treat it either with medication and/or surgery. You will also find information about our staff, office hours, contact information and directions.

New York University we are dedicated to the highest level of quality patient care and education. It is our philosophy to give you the same advice and treatment that we would offer to our friends and family. We make every effort to provide each patient and their family members with up to date medical information and education. Our patients can then make informed decisions about their treatment and better understand their options. 
As part of our philosophy and mission we intend for you to learn about the current thinking on the causes of your sinus and nasal problem. We want you to better understand what can be accomplished and appropriately define long term goals associated with treatment. This is because we as physicians are most successful in helping patients overcome their problems and complaints when they become involved in their own care.

For more information about the Nose, Sinuses and Sinusitis and how we can help you please click on the links above. Sinuses do cause us a lot of trouble, but interestingly, we are not sure why sinuses exist, however many theories have been proposed.

Why do we have sinuses?


  • The sinuses act as 'air-conditioners;' they filter and humidify the air.
  • The sinuses lighten the weight of the skull.
  • The sinuses are 'crumple zones.' In severe facial trauma, the facial skeleton is crushed; this absorbs energy that would otherwise be transmitted to the cranial cavity and brain. In a similar fashion, automobiles are designed so that the energy from a collision is absorbed by the car body, but the energy transmitted to the passenger cabin is minimized.
  • The sinuses are resonance chambers (echo chambers tuned to a specific frequency), which change the characteristics of spoken voice.