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At the practice of sinus surgeon Joseph B. Jacobs in New York, NY, we consistently provide the highest quality of patient care and education. It is our mission to give you the same caliber of advice and treatment that we would provide to our own friends and family. We make every effort to provide each patient and their family members with up-to-date medical information and education so that they can understand their options and make informed decisions about their treatment. 

We want you to understand the cause of your sinus and nasal problems. We also want you to understand what can be accomplished with surgery and appropriately define the long-term goals associated with treatment. As physicians, we are most successful in helping patients overcome their problems when they become involved in their own care.

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3 Reasons to Choose Dr. Jacobs

Over 30 Years of Experience

Dr. Jacobs has been performing sinus surgery for more than 30 years. He has undergone additional training in the subspecialty of rhinology, which sets him apart from other ENT physicians in New York. He has also become one of the highest-rated medical professionals in New York, having earned almost 100 5-star reviews on Google, Vitals, and HealthGrades.

Certification & Credentials

Dr. Jacobs  is certified and credentialed by the American Board of Otolaryngology. This organization is the parent society for all physicians who dedicate their careers to ear, nose, and throat (ENT) disorders and infections. He is also a member and fellow of the American Rhinologic Society, which focuses on the treatment of nasal and sinus disorders.


Dr. Jacobs treats each patient individually, and will not recommend surgery until a careful discussion occurs about benefits of procedures and a review of the history and CT scan are completed.  By carefully planning each procedure, he can select the best possible candidates and help ensure successful results. Following surgery, he will also prescribe a detailed recovery plan including antibiotics to reduce the risk of swelling, infection, and pain. Often additional topical therapy with a sinus wash is included in the longer term post procedure care.

Dr. Jacobs: A Pioneer in the Field

Dr. Jacobs is an innovator with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of nasal and sinus diseases. His New York practice is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of disorders including nasal breathing and sinus problems.

He is also an internationally recognized rhinologist whose interest in nasal and sinus disease dates back to 1985—an era of revolutionary developments in the treatment of these disorders. The advent of high-definition x-ray techniques called computerized axial tomography (CAT) scanning and minimally invasive surgical techniques led to dramatic changes within the field of sinus treatment and surgery. Meanwhile, the availability of additional medical therapies has profoundly enhanced the ability to control these conditions either with or without surgery, and Dr. Jacobs is proud to be at the forefront of these changes.

Dr. Jacobs

We Use the Latest Tools to Ensure the Safety, Comfort, & Success of Your Procedure

Dr. Jacobs uses the latest tools and techniques to perform precise and minimally invasive surgery with outstanding results. He uses endoscopic techniques to perform procedures such as endoscopic sinus surgery with balloon dilation. The endoscope (a small camera with a light attached) allows Dr. Jacobs to view your sinuses with minimal incisions and tissue trauma.

During sinus surgery, Dr. Jacobs uses microsurgical techniques and a computer guidance system  to make the necessary alterations.


Worried about Undergoing Sinus Surgery?

Surgery can sound scary, however the procedure is performed in an out patient setting generally with a short anesthesia and a return to home that day usually about 1-1.5 hours after completion of the procedure. Occasionally, the patient can be simply sedated. Since the procedure is completely performed in the nose there are no outside cuts, swelling or black and blue marks. the Anesthesiologists are all board certified and have particular expertise in the administration of medication for these short out patient procedures. Patients are often given the opportunity to speak to one or more of our previous patients about their experience.


Our procedures are performed in out patient settings which generally provide a better sense of security for patients compared to in hospital settings. The anesthesiologists are all experienced with these out patient procedures and understand patients concerns and anxieties. Patients generally are discharged home about 1-1.5 hours after completion of the procedue.


Many patients are worried about pain, swelling, or bruising following their surgery. Unlike other surgeons, Dr. Jacobs does not use packing, which can be traumatic to your tissue. This reduces the incidence of external swelling, as well as black and blue marks. In addition, pain after surgery is very rare thanks to our care before, during, and after surgery. 


Patients often look on line or speak to individuals that had sinus surgery many years ago. Often the information provided is far from the truth. We encourage surgery candidates to talk to our patients to learn more directly about their surgical experiences. Often simply spending enough time with surgery candidates provides a sincere sense of comfort and understanding of their goals.

Insurance Coverage for your CARE 

To help as many patients as possible experience the benefits of  medical care and possible sinus procedures our practice accepts the benefits provided by most insurance plans. In certain circumstances we can obtain special approval for care from insurance carriers that we do not participate with on a case by case basis. Because insurance allowances vary from one carrier to another, we encourage you to contact our practice so our staff can explain your benefits. 

Highly Respected & Highly Reviewed by Patients


Carole Ingber

May 2019

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"There is no one better than Dr. Jacobs. He is the best surgeon in his field. Whenever anyone talks about sinus surgeons or if I know any sinus surgeons, there is no hesitation on my part to say the amazing  Dr. Jacobs!"

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Justin S.

October 2019

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Dr. Jacobs and the office made my end to end experience resolving my sinus issues as fast and comfortable as possible. Repeatedly went above and beyond in the attention they showed and I'd highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone else.

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Joseph Jacobs MD

Dr. Joseph B. Jacobs has been providing surgical and non-surgical care for the ears, nose, and throat for more than 30 years. He is board-certified and affiliated with several leading organizations in the field, including:

  • American Board of Otolaryngology
  • American Academy of Otolaryngology
  • American Rhinologic Society
  • American Medical Association

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