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Joseph B. Jacobs,M.D.
NYU Langone Medical Center

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JOSEPH B. JACOBS, M.D. 345 East 37th Street, Suite 308, New York, NY 10016

jjacobs_photo.jpg Dr. Jacobs is an internationally recognized rhinologist, whose interest in nasal and sinus disease dates back to 1980 during an era of revolutionary developments in the treatment of these disorders. The advent of high definition x-ray techniques called Cat Scanning, as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques, lead to dramatic changes within the field of sinus treatment and surgery. In addition, the availability of additional medical therapies has profoundly enhanced rhinologists capabilities to control the disease process either with or without surgery. Dr. Jacobs is a pioneer within this field and has specific expertise in the evaluation and treatment of Nasal and Sinus disease. His practice is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of such disorders including nasal breathing  and sinus problems. Detailed information is available within the web site about these topics. 
Dr. Jacobs is certified and credentialed by the American Board of Otolaryngology, which is the parent society of all physicians that dedicate their careers to disorders of the ear, nose and throat.
In addition, he is a member and Fellow of the American Rhinologic Society[ARS], which is the ENT/Otolaryngology sub-specialty society which focuses on the treatment of nasal and sinus disorders. The ARS is the most prestigious such organization in the US and provides educational programs for other physicians and patients,  Dr. Jacobs was  President of this society from 2005-2006, Treasurer from 2011-2015 and presently serves as  the Executive Vice President.  Dr. Jacobs is a Professor of Otolaryngology at New York University Medical Center. He is an Associate Editor of the International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology, IFAR,  which is the most prestigious journal dedicated to publication of scientific and clinical manuscripts which highlight innovative therapies for diseases of the nose and sinuses. Dr. Jacobs has published over 75 scientific articles within the field of nasal and sinus disease, including the evaluation, medical management and surgery of such problems. Within these publications are included many landmark articles as well as a thesis titled 100 Years of Frontal Sinus Surgery which won an award from the Triologic Society and gained Dr. Jacobs membership to this most prestigious group of Otolaryngologists



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