Novel Techniques     

In addition to surgery and medications Sinus Specialists/Rhinologists often utilize novel or ancillary therapies in the management of Sinus and Nasal conditions. These products can often be employed either as a stand alone treatment or combined with medication and or surgical procedures. Every one of these are approved by the FDA for either the office or the out patient surgical center. A brief description of their efficacy and value within a carefully prepared treatment protocol follows. More detailed information is available on the product website.    

SinuvaTM and PropelTM  implants/stents 

  Sinuva implant in sinus cavity

Prednisone pills are effective medications for the control of many forms of sinus disease, however lengthy courses of this medication can have secondary effects on our system. Therefore, Intersect ENTMT, developed a prednisone containing absorbable product that can be placed into the sinuses to enhance healing after procedures or at times placed as a stand alone implant in the office to control the swelling and inflammation.     

ClarifixTM cryotherapy treatment for Rhinitis.    Image of Clarifix device freezing nerve. See ice crystals

Rhinitis is a nasal condition associated with congestion and a constant runny nose. A nerve, in the back of the nose, controls these symptoms and it has been documented that freezing this nerve diminishes these annoying problems. The nerve does not provide sensation to any part of the face or head and is not associated with muscle movement. The treatment is commonly provided on both sides and is not associated with side effects other than temporary "ice cream type headache."    

Budesonide and Mometasone sinus irrigation therapy.

Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy   

There are many nasal sprays available for the treatment of nasal and sinus symptoms. A few are over the counter and others are by prescription. However, these sprays do not enter the back of the nose or disperse into the sinus passages which likely diminishes their effectiveness in the treatment of sinusitis. Medical Center Specialty Pharmacy is at the forefront of distributing, by prescription, anti-inflammatory medication, budesonide or mometasone, which is mixed into sterile saline and directly irrigated into the nose and sinusesThis treatment is often provided after sinus surgery to further improve function by diminishing tissue inflammation. Patients continue to use this product sometimes for months after the surgery.    


Is a firm sponge material which is often placed in the treated sinus cavity and turns into a gel as it gets wet.  PosiSep is indicated for use in patients undergoing nasal/sinus surgery as a space occupying splint and hemostatic agent to minimize post procedure scarring. The product is absorbable and can be easily suctioned out in the office as it dissolves over the first week after procedures. 

Joseph Jacobs MD

Dr. Joseph B. Jacobs has been providing surgical and non-surgical care for the ears, nose, and throat for more than 30 years. He is board-certified and affiliated with several leading organizations in the field, including:

  • American Board of Otolaryngology
  • American Academy of Otolaryngology
  • American Rhinologic Society
  • American Medical Association

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